Lima Corporate

Lima Corporate

San Daniele del Friuli (UD) (UD)

Lima Corporate is an international company which offers reconstructing and fastening orthopedic solutions to surgeons who face the challenge of improving their patients’ lives.

We are constantly committed in products development and research of innovative procedures to give surgeons the right solution for each patient:

OUR MISSION: LimaCorporate offers innovative solutions to assist orthopaedic surgeons in restoring the Emotion of Motion.

OUR VISION: LimaCorporate aspires to be the leading company in niche orthopaedic markets to improve surgeon and patient experience, offering innovative, tailored solutions.

Lima Corporate is based in Italy, in San Daniele del Friuli (UD), where there are all corporate functions and the main production site; another production plant is based in Sicily.

We have long-focused on expanding our business into the world’s leading markets to achieve a truly global reach. With that in mind, LimaCorporate has established direct subsidiaries in 24 countries in 4 of the world’s top orthopaedic markets (Europe, Asia-Pacific, US, Latin America).

Combined with a network of distrbutors, Lima Corporate covers over 47 countries. We want to invest in young talents because we believe in their capacity of bringing new ideas and important contributions. For these reasons we organize internship with universities and hire young graduates to give them the opportunity to learn and grow in an international environment. Lima can be your first step towards your future working career!